Plastic Repair

Increase the life of product transport containers resulting in cost savings and customer benefit by having damaged containers repaired at a fraction of the cost of new containers.

Repair of Plastic Containers for Food Industry

Especially in the food industry, the use of packing items without any damages is essential. Damaged packaging can cause uncontrolled contaminations of the load and interfere with hygiene.

In order to avoid such appearance, Southern Plastics & Inventory Control offers a Sort, Repair & Sanitize Service for damaged plastic containers for the food industry.  The damaged containers are securely sealed with plastic welds and the treated area is afterwards milled so that no sharp edges remain.


After cleaning, the containers have almost the same quality and rigidity as before.  The life time of transport packaging items will be increased significantly, resulting in cost savings and customer benefit.


Next to the repair, we can provide the following services:


  • Collection of your packaging items at your destination

  • Sorting of your packaging items according to your specifications

  • Repair of the packaging items

  • Cleaning of the packaging items

  • Delivery of repaired & cleaned packaging items

  • Recycling of scrap items

Plastic Sanitizing

We combine high pressure washing and a sodium hypochlorite treatment to properly sanitize each product that leaves our facility.

Plastic Sanitizing

We offer a Sanitizing Service for plastic containers that uses a combination of high pressure washing and a sodium hypochlorite treatment to reduce the number of microorganisms that are on a properly cleaned surface to a safe level.  This Sanitizing Service is included with all Plastic Repair contracts.